Commercial Pilot Licence


The Commercial Pilots Licence is the mandatory requirements for flying commercial aircraft.


Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL): The applicant should have

  • Minimum age of seventeen years (17) years on date of joining the course.
  • Successful completion of Class 10 + 2 with Mathematics and Physics OR its equivalent for overseas Student pilots. Candidates awaiting results may also apply and would be selected subject to clearing the 10 + 2 examinations.
  • Adequate competency in the English language.
  • Pass medical examination (Class I) from a DGCA approved medical centre.
    1. Class 1 Medical Form
    2. Class 1 Medical Exam Centers

Flight Training

A CPL with a Multi Engine Rating (MER) and Instrument Rating (IR) is the basic requirement to fly as an airline pilot. APFTAL provides CPL along with an Instrument Rating on a combination of Single and Multi Engine aircraft.

Flying Syllabus

185 hours of flying on Single Engine Piston Diamond DA 40 D Aircraft. 15 hours on Twin Engine Diamond DA 42 Aircraft.

Theoretical Knowledge Training

Ground Lectures : DGCA Requirement - Minimum 350 hours. APFTAL conducts 952 hours of Ground Lectures for Theoretical Knowledge Training - 450 hours of class room training and 502 hours of supervised learning and Computer Based Training (CBT). Theoretical knowledge training covers requirements up to the Airline Transport Pilots’ Licence level.


The course will be conducted as per the requirement given in Civil Aviation Requirement Section 7-Flight Crew Standards Training and Licensing, Series ‘B’, Part IV..

Ground Examinations

Written examinations in the following subjects will be conducted by DGCA.

  1. Air Regulations
  2. Air Navigation(including Radio Aids and Instruments)
  3. Aviation Meteorology
  4. Technical General
  5. Technical Specific
Course Duration : 18 months (Subject to Weather, Passing exams, Checks & Regulatory Clearances such as Police Verification, Clearing Class 1 Medical Examinations.)

Total of 200 hrs flight training including 10hrs simulator, 100hrs solo, 15hrs night and 15hrs multi-engine

Flight Tests

PPL, Night VFR, Multi Engine and CPL Flight Tests


Total 12 Months of Completed Monday to Friday, weekly. Course can be tailored to individual needs.


10+2 Students with physics and maths are eligible to apply for next batch Apply Now